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A pivotal moment for industry


Competition abroad and challenges at home have made the state of American industries the center of attention.


A crossroads for healthcare


The new administration will impact the direction of healthcare, which faces significant disruption and the need to stay ahead of emerging challenges.


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Reshaping and re-envisioning operations


The manufacturing sector has fueled much of the economic growth of the past eight years, only to be hit hard by COVID-19. A new government could mark a turning point for American manufacturers.


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New horizons for technology


Technology, which always operates ahead of the curve, was critical to the election and will play a prominent role going forward.


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Dividends of digital transformation


Banks today are focusing on performance and innovation, contemplating how to fast-track digital transformation and navigate this new landscape.


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Preparing to embrace the future


COVID-19 has exposed not-for-profit organizations to threats at the moment when those institutions are most vital to communities. The new administration likely will decide which course not-for-profits should chart.


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Ahead of the issues


New leaders, new priorities


President Biden won the presidency on a platform promising to roll back some of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act’s provisions. With COVID-19 remaining the first priority, what tax policy changes will make the cut?


See beyond traditional tax strategies


Our Washington National Tax Office helps you translate what’s happening on the floors of Congress and in the Biden administration so you know what your business must do next.


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Excelling in an environment of disruption


Global risks, regulatory requirements and transformative technology impact how your business reports tax. New tax priorities will require a harder focus on compliance.


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Managing tax risks as costs inflate 


The strongest inflation period in a generation has consequences for many tax procedures. Find out what you should address first.




The future of tax


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